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Smart Home

Security or Burglar alarm systems are designed and installed in a way to detect an intrusion into your private space. and with interior sensors, protect these spaces as well. They can also monitor life safety systems like smoke, fire and carbon monoxide and environmental systems like flood, temperature too hot or cold. when these sensors or systems trigger the alarm, the appropriate people are notified.

Video Surveillance systems are a great deterrent, our experience has also shown that these systems protect the little piece of your neighbourhood as the video recording generally covers some of your surrounding properties. In this day and age the evidence provided by video surveillance is invaluable in catching and stopping many recurrences of crime. Todays video surveillance systems are true 1080p HD or even 4K and above

Home automation systems allow the control of devices (lights, door locks, curtains etc) with a smart phone or other connected device. in some configurations the systems are intelligent enough to turn on outside lights as you arrive within a preset distance from your home or even turn up the heat or AC automatically when you enter a programmed zone (geofencing)

No home is complete without a properly installed and configured internet or network setup. most homeowners today settle for the modem installed and setup up by your connection "provider". these devices are slow and are almost always located in the worst coverage area of a home or business. Leaving many dead spots or very slow connections. When we design a home or small business network, all areas of the location are mapped before and after the installation showing the signal levels before and after we clean it up.

A Smart home is when all of the above systems are interconnected and help create a single system. this can include anything from turning off all interior lights and turning on outside lights when you turn on your security system, or sensing water in the basement and turning off the master water valve while notifying you of the trouble. It can even be set up to monitor UV levels of the sun and open and close curtains as the sun moves around your home. A smart home can be a very simple setup of as sophisticated as your imagination.

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