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Safeguard is one of the FIRST Canadian authorized installers for the Ring line of products. With the experience gained having installed over 100  of these products, we are uniquely positioned to make product recommendations.

The model we recommend and have the most success with is the Ring Pro. This model has many more features than the RING Classic. Especially the video resolution. The PRO version is a true 1080P camera and the Classic is only 720P resolution. We do not recommend the portable feature of the classic as the end user must remove the classic doorbell and recharge its batteries anywhere from every 2 weeks to every few months depending on the features you enable from within the application.

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Is it a DIY product?

The ring doorbell product line has been pushed as a do it yourself product and for some it can be that easy but many can find it to be very frustrating.

Some of the issues encountered by some DIY people:

  • The ring doorbell requires a very robust Wi-Fi signal at the doorbell location outside your home. Anything less than a perfect signal and your doorbell will operate intermittently if at all. If you have a poor signal, you may need to use a Wi-Fi extender to increase the signal level at the doorbell. Some of this can be challenging for the do it yourself crowd. 

  • The existing doorbell power source in inadequate to power the ring doorbell, A new power transformer may need to be installed.

  • The existing doorbell wiring can be a little confusing when installing the power pro kit, sometimes there are more wires than expected inside the old doorbell.

  • additional parts may be required that are not available from the local retailer and will be shipped direct from Ring. Typically 3-5 days

  • Setting up the apps on your phone while not that difficult can still be frustrating if you are not that tech savvy

The advantages of having your doorbell installed by a professional are many

  • Ability to relocate a poorly placed original doorbell (relocate wiring).

  • Your door frame may be too narrow and the wiring may need to be relocated to place the ring in a better location.

  • Your existing doorbell may be too low and needs to be raised.

  • You may not have existing doorbell wiring at all and it needs to be installed. Professional alarm installers are the best at fishing and running low voltage wiring with little or no damage in the process. We have been doing this for over 30 years.

  • You may not have the correct power source to operate the ring doorbell or you may not have the tools to check this out.

For your professional installation, we keep the Ring Pro, Chime, Chime Pro, Wi-Fi extenders and RING installation accessories on our vehicles. That way we can complete your installation as quickly as possible saving time and keeping costs low.

What do we charge?

The RING Pro doorbell cost is $299.00 CAD + HST. (same as Home depot and other retailers)*

Installation costs depend on many factors. for reference, a basic installation with existing wiring in the correct place and correct power source would be $125.00 + HST * including setting up your Smart Phone APPS and training you on use and operation of the many features.

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Custom wiring is based on a time and material format with a price range provided prior to the installation. If we cut into walls, we patch and leave you a paint ready finish. References provided on request.

Its hard to know in advance if you need a signal repeater because your Wi-Fi is not strong enough. we can make a recommendation based on the result of special test tools to analyze your signal

*(we only install RING products provided by Safeguard due to warranty support issues. If you provided a unit and it had a problem, both of our time would be wasted as you return it for a replacement from your retailer. If it failed within the warranty period and you had provided the unit, again time wasted. If I provide the unit, I carry the warranty and have replacement units available. Also because we purchase our products direct from distribution, our inventory is fresh with the latest hardware and firmware available)

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